FlashDab™ is covered by U.S. Patent No. 9,974,333 & 10,194,692

Trinidad 420, Ltd.
PO Box 92
Trinidad, Colorado 81082

Trinidad 420, Ltd. is excited to introduce the FlashDab. FlashDab is a patented appliance for the micro-dosing of herbal
extracts by vaporization. It is hand-made from 100% brass in Trinidad, Colorado. On this page we're providing an instructional
video to show you how to properly use FlashDab and will also be providing answers to questions regarding its use. Please feel
free to contact us with any questions you have about our produduct. Ask your local shop about FlashDab. If they don't carry it,
please direct them to our website.

We're looking for a party interested in buying the patents and processes for producing FlashDab. Contact us if you are interested.

Trinidad420.com is still under construction, so please bear with us as we progress.





Q & A

Q: This thing seems more like a pipe than a vaporizer. It seems that the dab would be burning and you would be inhaling smoke rather than vapor.

A: The unique patented design of FlashDab™, utilizing a brass wick enclosed in a heating chamber, allows the flame from a butane lighter to heat the wick, instantly vaporizing the dab, without providing oxygen or opportunity for the vapor to combust as it is simultaneously drawn into the stem of the device. The wick serves the dual purpose of holding and heating the dab, and separating the vapor from the flame of the lighter. The rapid expansion of the dab into vapor serves to dissipate the heat of the flame so that the vapor is delivered to the user at a low temperature. You will notice that the vapor you draw into your mouth is not hot or smoky, and has little to no odor when expelled.

Q: How often does the wick have to be replaced?

A: The wick is permanent. It never has to be replaced. Always keep the hood closed when your FlashDab is not in use to protect the wick.

TIP: We recommend you never use matches, hemp wick, or lighting methods other than a common butane lighter. Matches and lighting materials like hemp wick provide a flame produced by incomplete combustion that produces soot and other compounds that may cause your FlashDab™ to clog and fail; may contaminate the vapor and have a negative effect on the quality of your dabbing experience; and can cause irritation to your respiratory system.

TIP: FlashDab™ does not use batteries. Batteries are DANGEROUS! Vape pens can maim and kill:

Q: I over-loaded my dabber, and now it is totally clogged. What can I do to fix it?

A: Slide the hood of your FlashDab™ back and hold a lighter flame to the tip of the wick and suck. This should clear the clog. Repeat this procedure untill your device draws again. If your FlashDab™ continues to draw too hard, use a syringe to flush alcohol from the mouth end through the device and out through the wick. Be careful to make sure your FlashDab™ is COMPLETELY DRY before attempting to use after flushing!

Q: The hood on my FlashDab™ won't stay open or closed on its own.

A: First, try giving the hood a little twist to see if it will tighten enough to stay put. If that doesn't work, pull the hood back exposing the wick. Place a pair of pliers toward the end of the hood (not ON the end) farthest from the wick and give it a TINY little squeeze. I mean really tiny. Do this until you get the hood tight enough to hold still on its own.

Q: This thing gets too hot. It burns my fingers!

A: FlashDab™ will get too hot if you apply the flame too long or hold the flame under the hood. 1 - 2 seconds is all it takes to pre-heat and to dab. FlashDab™ will also get too hot if you try to make more than 2 consecutive dabs without letting it cool down. Wave it in the air like a magic wand for a few seconds between dabs. Slow down, relax, and chill.


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